Grant Program

What is the Good Idea Grant Program?

The Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation’s showcase for innovation, creativity, and helping all children to reach high levels of achievement is the Good Idea Grant Program. The Good Idea Grant Program is designed to enhance innovation in the classroom and challenge teachers to think creatively and boldly. Mini-grants of up to $3,000 provide the needed financial resources not available through usual government channels.

The number of grants awarded is dependent on the contributions generated by the annual fundraising banquet. More than $4.8 million dollars to date has been awarded. Proposals that are in consonance with the Department of Education’s directions are given priority consideration.

The Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation believes educational excellence begins in the classroom. It is our hope that successful innovative practices will be recognized and repeated throughout the school system to benefit all of our students.

Key Dates and to Apply:
Deadline to submit your proposal: July 2, 2021 
Notification of approval will be sent prior to the start of the school year: July 25, 2021
Evaluation and budget reports are due, if grant is awarded: June 30, 2022
Apply Now: