Open Contributions

What is the Foundation’s source of funds?

Each year at its Kulia I Ka Nu’u (“strive for the highest”) Annual Banquet, the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation honors three distinguished public school graduates and an outstanding business for its significant contributions made to the community. In addition, three teachers with exemplary Good Idea Grants are recognized for their initiative and creativity. The Kulia I Ka Nu’u Banquet is the Foundation’s only fund-raising activity.

The corporate contribution campaign and the membership drive are part of the fund-raising banquet. Most important to the campaign’s success is the solicitation of major sponsors at the platinum, gold, and silver levels. Funds realized support the Foundation’s Good Idea Grant program. Mini-grants are awarded to public school teachers and schools for innovative instructional ideas that will improve student learning.

Want to become involved?

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation can make a difference in education. No single individual or entity can do it alone, but through the Foundation, people from all walks of life have become a cohesive catalyst for change.

The Foundation offers individuals, business and community organizations a means to pool their resources, a means to ensure equitable distribution of funds for maximum benefits, and a mechanism for designated contributions.

There is no more important product in our economy than the educated young people who graduate from our schools. The quality of education is everyone’s business. Won’t you join the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation in raising the stakes on Hawaii’s public education system?

For further information about the Foundation and its programs, contact the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation, P.O. Box 4148, Honolulu, Hawaii 96812.