Iris Okawa Citizenship Award


The Iris Okawa Citizenship Award is established to recognize student government officers and their good work in promoting civil discussion, respect for others, and the overall promotion of good ideas.

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu – a former teacher, member of the Hawaii State Bar Association, and strong community advocate – Iris Riyoko Okawa was a proud graduate of Waialua High.

Iris held the official title of Nominating Committee Chair and as a Trustee for over fifteen years, Iris was recognized as the conscience of the Foundation’s values ensuring that we serve our community with reverence and honor, be an apostle for fairness and equity, and bestow upon others the kindness that she so graciously displayed.

A past president of the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation, Iris held a strong belief that the public education system in Hawaii is not just a fabric of Hawaii’s majesty, but the centerpiece of its history in producing great leaders.  Leaders who have Hawaii as their heart; who appreciate, promote, and protect our diversity; and engage everyone with civility and respect – always being mindful of future generations and the impact our actions have on them.